Mock Exams

Hello All … What’s everyone’s plan/schedule for attacking the mocks? In my mind May is the month to focus on the mocks which is less than a week away. How many are you planning to do and starting when?

If i have a good week studying, i may be able to do a mock the weekend of May 2-3.

Yeah I’ll be taking my first mock on 1 May.

I am behind schedule as I still have to do the EOC’s of volume 5 and was hoping to get all EOC’s out of the way before mocks.

But hey, it is what it is and I place great value on starting mocks this friday.

I guess the parallel study of one volume while doing mocks won’t kill me.

i will be parallel studying volumes all throughout while doing mocks. i still have to get through all BBs and EOCs from reading 13-33 until D day while doing 6 mocks. yeah my wife hates me

You might want to prioritise BBs. I hear & feel like they are much harder and comprehensive than EOCs.

BBs > EOCs >>> Schweser practice Qs

Did 3 mocks, 3 to go…while redoing BB & EOC for the 4th time.

That’s super duper impressive. i’m about to wrap up scheweser and then I’ll target doing 6 mocks. What’s making me a little uncomfortable is that I havenn’t done the eocs - only relied on schweser.

Sorry for these silly questions, but: 1) what does BB stand for? 2)Never had a doubt before, but wanted to double check that EOC is from the textbook not Schweser, right? Thanks.

I absolutely agree with tozerrt

Mocks = BB > EOCs >>>> Schweser.

You must do the BB & EOCs in the curriculum. There are just so much details in those questions that Schweser does not cover.

I started with Schweser, read it twice then had shifted my study to the currriculm entirely for the last 2 months because I constantly pick up new stuff while redoing all EOCs/BBs and reading the books.

*BB = Blue Boxes samples in the curriculum (used to be blue but now are in grey)

By the way I’m planning to start mocks on May 1.

+1. I did the exact same thing with Schweser - it served its purpose as a good intro but it’s limited. I’ve done the EOC’s from CFAI, and now am doing the BB’s and I’m picking up new stuff, too. Some of the BB’s actually ask some really good questions. I’m taking note of the most challenging BB’s to revisit the final two or three weeks. CFA material is the way to go the rest of the way.

You guys are worrying the crap out of me… is CFAI EOCs really that much different from Scheweser qs?