Mock Exams

So, I am in the need of mock exams and am trying to decide who’s to buy and would prefer not to pay the price of Schweser, if possible. I have a bunch of third party review material in pdf…, just not mocks. If anyone has a good suggestion on something cheaper, yet reliable, please let me know! My email is

I have taken notes, made flash cards etc. and have them saved on my comp. I am happy share if someone has anything they want to share.

Thanks! is doing 6 full length mocks for $100.

I have used their mocks for Level 1 and am currently using them for Level 2.

I find them pretty useful and good value for money - they are tougher than Schweser mocks in my opinion and if you can score well on the Finquiz mocks, then you’re in pretty decent shape for the real exam…overall I’d recommend them :smiley: