Mock Exams

Can anyone share their views on some of the different Mock Exams? I have Wiley Mocks, Schweser Mocks, and the CFAI. Any views on Konvexity, Mark Meldrum, or IFT? Thanks!

My rankings from what I believe are most helpful to worst (I’ve done all these):

1.) Schweser/CFAI/Konvexity/Boston

2…) IFT (this is the same as Mark Meldrum)

3.) Wiley

Other opinions: There are numerous errors in the Boston mocks but whatevers, the IFT is basically CFAI material that has been licensed, and Wiley needs to edit their mocks as they still include content that isn’t applicable anymore. For example, Wiley’s Mock B had about 5 LIFO/FIFO questions on their FRA in one of the mocks, which was a waste of 5 questions (10% of the mock).