Mock Exams

I bought both mock exams from CFAI today (2 for $100 dea) I only see “Part 1” on my dashboard. After taking Part I…I now want to take Part 2 but it doesn’t show that I have paid for it on my dashboard. Has anyone had the same problem?

go throw the motions on the test site like your gonna buy it again. and when you click on the dropdown list top right hand corner of the page to buy the two test, just scroll down and it will appear on the bottom of the page after it reloads. i had the same problem till i figured it out. one thing some may want to note on the 2008 Level 1 mock exam is that on question 20, the feedback pdf with the answers uses the wrong figures to figure out the answer. (the answer uses a time span of 25 years instead of 15 years… 83-68=15) these are supposed to be questions from the actual exams used in the past, so if things like this are incorrect, it sorta makes you wonder.