Mock exams?

Im a bit perplexed and I guess a little pissed off at my score on the mock. Especially econ… did not see that coming. I’ve been told these are very representative of the real thing… ok… something ive got to deal with. I felt though that I was using my calculator a lot more than everyone had indicated that I would need to.

What did you score? I should take mine by the end of this week. Doing Qbank nw

I understand that the CFA mock exams don’t give explanations of questions after taking it. Is this true?

That is true, only LOS’s

How’s the mock exam like ? 240 Q’s & 6 hours ? I just need this information so that I will know time I have to dedicate to take the mock test.

3 hrs/120 Q per exam. CFAI likes taking our money

why they do not provide answer. how i am supposed to know what mistakes i have made. this is frustrating