Mock Exams

I have done a good number of Mock Exams (Schweser as well as CFAI) and just about every exam, morning session and afternoon session, I have scorred around 65%-68%. I just can’t seem to bring my scores up no matter how much I study, It is really frustrating! Has anybody else been experiencing this consistency in scores? For those of you who have overcome the (almost passing score) plateau are there any tips you could throw my way? I feel so close yet soooo far… anybody else?

I am in the same boat, though not scoring as much…I have take quite a few tests but the scores just dont seem to move up more than 60%, howmuch ever I review and revise…These consistant low scores are frustrating and demotivating…am confused on how to bring it up :frowning:

@CFAworldwide: IMO your scores are in the comfortable range…guess we just need to keep solving and reviewing and hope for the best!!

Hmmn… Good that you are cracking all the tests…U should probably try analyzing ur results better in terms of why u are missing out on the remaining 32%-40% - is it a) forgot concepts, b) didn’t know concept c) didn’t read question properly d) calculation mistake etc and then try and tackle the main cause for lower score rather than just simply re-revising on and on… Analyzing ur answer selection is just as important as giving the tests… Hope this was a helpful insight…



Really no point panicking, IMO… You still have a good month to use (unless you are otherwise occupied).

Sometimes taking a good break (e.g. a few days or a week) can really help with motivation, mood, memory, etc.

Good luck.

I am in the same situation…Couldnt get any higher scores despite lots of revision and practicing.

Any ideas about a rough score we should be targeting to pass…