Mock Exams

I will be re-taking Level 2 in June 2014. I completed Volumes 1 and 2 of the Schweser mock exams in 2013, did the extra Schweser mock, and the CFAI mock. Unfortunately, I didn’t spend enough time with the curriculum before attempting the mock exams.

I’ve heard that last year, Schweser didn’t change their mock exams much from the prior year. So, at some point, I’ll call Schweser and ask if this year’s revisions merit buying a new set of their mocks - or if they’re substantially similar to 2013.

I’ve seen posts that Elan exams are good. Other than Elan and Schweser mocks, if folks here could list a few good mock exams for later in the game, I’d appreciate it.

Anything you can get your hands on is good, if it’s from 2010 or later, they are probably relevant.

You are right Schweser does not change their mocks often, so do not purchase their exams 2 years in a row.

But it’s worth re-writing those mocks, because you probably didn’t get them correct the first time and guess what, by next may you are not going to remember everything you got right this year - you will be surprised how much you forget!

Definitely spend more time on the curriculum or study guide first but you should make use of the mocks you already have and just redo them as you go.

Plus you can search online for CFAI sample exams (from previous years). they are very helpful too!

BSAS mocks used to be good (or so I have heard) but I didn’t rate their 2013 Lii mocks too highly. Try 7city… Otherwise, Schweser and Elan it is.