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It was a hard moment when i realised that after 6 months reading Cfa curriculum i scored 33% on the mock exam!! It s so low score that i dont know what to do now. Any ideas to help?

Out of curiosity, how were you doing on the Q bank?

Hey, don’t fret - let it motivate you. Last year I took a practice test at L2 and scored a 44% or 45% and it fueled the next two months. I spent every ounce of energy I had studying to bring my score up. By the end I was scoring in the mid-70s and I finished the real L2 AM in under 80 minutes and the PM in under 90, passing easily. Don’t waste the time you’ve got left feeling sorry for yourself - right the ship by hitting the books harder.

Did you take the CFAI mock ? or a third party provider ?

@Submariner : I spent too much money on the registration fees and shipping the printed version of the curriculum. I thought it will cost to much to invest more in the Qbank . I only did the end of curriculum questions and now I m doing schweitzer’s note questions. Is it enough? Is there a way to have this Qbank without buying it :stuck_out_tongue:

@cgottuso8190 : thanks a lot for your help. So I’m not the only one? I still have all my chances ?

@ Kos : CFA Mocks of 2012

Are you reading from CFA curriculum or you are using the notes for some private coaching institute like scheweser etc. if you are reading from CFA books then you are not helping yourself . You should try from the notes etc. From there you will get much help and your score will certainly improve.

my first reading was from the curriculum. i m using shweitzer notes for the second reading. i scored 38% on my second mock exam.


Have you been using the CFA Candidate Resources? The CFA has practice exams and mock exams on the CFA website. I highly recommend using them.

You should be able to use the CFA texts to pass the exam, it’s not a waste of time to use them. Please read the front section “How to Use the CFA Program Curriculum” it tells you exactly what you need to do to pass the exams. Then what you need is a good study and review approach. Click on the link below. I use a 2 to 1 ratio for learning and reviewing. For every two hours of learning, I do one hour of review.

Then go through every text and label each page with it’s LOS designation. This exercise will save a ton of time during the review phase of your studies. The review process is just as critical as the learning phase.

Next, note card or flash card every formula from the texts. Pay close attention to the LOSs that ask you to calculate, evaluate and determine in the LOS description. You might want to put a star or an asterisk on the flash card to stress the importance of the formula.

You need to study for this exam by the LOS just as it says in the “How to Use the CFA Program Curriculum” so you don’t overweight qualitative or quantitative material.

Good luck with your studies,



I think CFA exams are the closest to reality…however, Kaplan exams might look much easier…

one can look at other options as well… I have been doing questions from a QBank Provider… and found the content very good…Its not very expensive as well…I am going to attempt the mocks starting next week and hope that they will also be good…cheers!

The company has also started a new FaceBook group…they post new practice questions every day.


Your status says you’re a charterholder, yet you’re going to start taking L1 mocks soon? What’s your deal?

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