mock exams

I’m going to sign up for the CFA1 (december). Before I do, I wanted to find out what this business is with the “mock exams”

  1. How realistic are they compared to the actual test in terms of difficulty? Are they actually designed and hosted by the same people who make the real test?

  2. Are they online exams you take whenever you want, or are they paper tests that candidates do as a group 4 weeks before test date, or does the CFAI give you voucher to do one of those choices?

  3. For the people who took the mock and attempted level 1 at least once :

What was your mock score and did you end up passing the real thing?

I think CFA exams are the closest to reality…however, Kaplan exams might look much easier…

one can look at other options as well… I have been doing questions from a QBank Provider… and found the content very good…I am going to attempt the mocks starting next week and hope that they will also be good…cheers!

The company has also started a new FaceBook group…they post new practice questions every day.