Mock Exams

I’ve been studying fairly diligently up until this point (completed 70% of the Kaplan QBank and average 75% on most sections) and I am planning to begin doing mock exams next week. I hope I’m not in violation of Ethics, but how do you accurately score them? Do you take the scores from each individual section and add them to the other scores then take the average of that? I just want to know the right way to do it so my grades aren’t negatively/positively skewed or completely inaccurate.

No need to separate by sections other than for your own understanding of where you’re strong and weak. CFA will just take the total % of the 240 questions and that’s your score. You want to be above 70% which is 168/240.

Hey, thanks. That’s very beneficial and actually a little encouraging. Much appreciated.

You people may want to try this…

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are all the schweser mocks accurately weighted and in the same order and everything as a real test? I guess basically what Im asking, is when taking/grading the exam, are there any factors that need to be considered at all that may skew a score slightly from what it would be if it was actually a real CFA exam?