Mock Q#25 - Macro Attribution

Did anyone get this? Even the Guideline answer still has me confused. What is the answer and how did they calculate it? What numbers did they use?

I have same question. Can someone shed some light on this? The explanation by CFA on this is not very clear. Does it mean the asset category attribution is 3.48%? Why do they use RFR = 0.41%, instead of 4.92%? My answer is -1.03% by using 4.92%.

There is a big thread on this that explains it well (do a search) and it’s pretty easy actually.

i did a search and found this thread

can not find the BIG thread. Can someone post the link here?

you can also read the CFAI text on macro attribution. The example in the text is pretty much the same as the example in the mock exam.,736370,736596#msg-736596

This is very helpful. I can find everything in the text. This is supposed to be a very easy question. I just want to know why in the CFA explanation, 0.41% is used as RFR and result is 3.48%. Have someone printed the screen, could you please post the question? Thanks.

Thanks. Got it. The performance is ONE-MONTH return. Need to be more careful during exam.

Which mock exam are you referring to here ? And which CFAI text question is it similar to ?