Mock Q42

Am I on crack or should the answer not be 14k not 7k- says the guy wants to do it with 200 contracts, not 100. so the strategy per contract essentially means you’re paying up 70 cents a contract. 70 cents x 100 multiplier (typical for options) x 200 contracts = 14k. is this in the errata or am i seriously on crack here? if we don’t get an options set with payoffs on this test, i’m dead. it’s the one area i hit 6 for 6 all the time on. i heart payoffs. seriously though, is my head not screwed on right this AM or is this an error on their part?

IGNORE- i just re-read… TOTAL of 200 long contracts and 200 short… so 100 each of the low and high strike. ok cool, got it. i agree w the CFA answer.

just you I’m afraid banni