mock/qbank/* test score translations

What do you think is the + or minus to get from a qbank score to a schweser mock exam? any other score translation estimates are appreciated. I’ve read somewhere else that an 85% in qbank about equals a 75% on schweser mock exams.

IMO that is garbage. dependant on too many factors to predict. focus on learning and improving weak areas not on predicting if you’ll pass…

oh I agree that there are too many factors, and I’m DEFINITELY not spending much time figuring this out…but the general consensus is that the mocks are harder, which reasonably you would say that you could take your mean on qbanks will be higher than the mean on CFAI/Schweser/Stalla mock exams… I’m just wondering what people are getting. I’m not going to spend the money for mocks. But yea you’re right either way if no one read this message and didn’t reply it doesn’t matter! We’ve got some studying to do!

More importantly, what’s the spread of schweser/CFA mocks over the actual CFA exam? It’d be nice if everyone here scoring 75 on the mocks was really going to get an 85 on the real deal.