mock results -- markets and equitites are killing me

I gave both my mocks and scored 77% on both, but distribution of correct points is very inconsistent. Mock1 - I scored 40% on Corporate finance, 66% on FI --> which I thought was my forte Mock2 -100% on Corporate finance and 50% on markets and equities Market and equity questions were very different from what I am used to. I mainly did Qbank and Book 6. Fixed income is very conceptual and bombed it twice --> 66% both the exams. Did anyone else feel the same about markets and FI section in mocks ?? I am taking next 3 days off from work. Any word of advice on how to prepare for these sections, assuming mocks are good representative of actual exam. Thanks for reading my story !!

thunder I am in the same boat. If i can those scores up, (equity and FI) i will be in good shape. Buuuuuuuuuut I bombed both of them after getting 80’s on all Qank. Go figure. You happen to be from boston?

Any advice you’d give me is good. Book 6 my scores on Asset valuation section are great, but I fail on FI and Equity in the mock. Seriously, book6 is misleading.

I swear, book 6 in FI and markets is totally different mocks. nope beinhthatguy I live in chicago !

Yes, I get an 80 or a 40 on corp finance. Rereading that book tomorrow.

thunder, what’s your assessment of FSA, Ethics, Quant of Book 6 vs mocks??

I use to score poorly on book 6 ethics, but in mocks I am scoring above 80. Mock ethics are short and precise, compared to long essay type convoluted ethics in Book 6. FSA and Quant are about same level as in book 6.