Mock results x Exam results


I see a lot of people saying they use to do great on the Mocks, but in the exam have probably failed.

I myself dont think i was able to pass even though i was scoring about 80% on the last mocks i did.

So, thats my question to you all. What was your score on the mocks? Do you think you have passed or not.

Maybe it will help us setting our next target score on mocks if my guess is right.


77% on both CFA Mocks and I am sure I failed.

dang sorry to hear dat guys.

i took the grip of half mocks and scored these % on dem:

56, 52, 61, 63, 67.5, 66, 66, 70

I was feelin it goin in, thinkin big time, imma pass and get a job. But a few of da topics thru me off and i wasn’t wit it. (is it a viloation 2 say which topics?). Anyways, monkeyman, my guy I feel you, i hope you passed. stay confident. If you put in those hours, you’re gonna go on and get it. My favorite quote is by marshawn lynch, “im just bout dat action boss.” You put in work, you about dat action, don’t give up. You probably guessed right on a bunch of dem and passed. Everyone trippin too, so the MPS will prob be lower. Stay up my guy

The mocks were a joke this year. 90 percent of the questions were repeat questions from the assessement or previous years mocks. I don’t think there were many new questions they put in either the march mock or the other mock.

It was definately fools gold this year. I don’t think they even updated the fixed income section to represent the change from 2013 to 2014 in the mocks besides adding just 2 more questions to that section.

Never trust your mock scores. I learned this concept from 5 years of undergrad. People who are good at taking mocks, are only good at the mock specific questions. If (and this is almost a guarantee) , the real exam throws you curveballs not covered in the mocks, you are SOl, and your 90% mock score is useless.

I also think that the CFA Mocks were a joke or something of that kind!!! Most of the questions were already in the assessements…The order of the topics were not the same as usual! I think that the march mock was more looking like an exam than the last one they give us in the CFA Website!

Anyway, i was not scoring very well 62% only, but I thought that it will be enough for passing the exam…unfortunatly I dont think so!

Not going to comapre the % of the mocks but…i always made those silly mistakes on every mock which i took…and i am afraid i have made a few on the exam too… dammit!!!

I agree with the Mock exams being a joke this year. Once you take one full Mock from previous years you are bound to get 30-40% of the answers right without even thinking. How is this possibly going to help in preparing you? It doesn’t. I was scoring 75s consistently and last couple mocks were above 80 close to 90. It’s hard to walk out of these exams feeling confident having no idea where the MPS will lie. I think I am 50/50 and hoping to land right around the 70% threshold. I thought am was a breeze (brown book) and pm was challenging (green book).

I also think many people that will end up passing “think” they failed because in a real world seting they would have. Many that sit for the CFA would consider anyting in the 65-75% range on a school or other professional related test a failure.

I mean, you can get 72 Qs wrong and get a 70% (w/o curve of course). Who would REALLY feel good about that after finishing the test?

Yet conventional wisdom says you’ve probably passed. Now, if you were getting 50s-60s on the mocks and got that feeling, maybe its a little more probably that you’ve actually failed. Either way, we’ll still feel helpless for anohther 7 weeks

That’s a great point gohatters. There is a huge discrepency between normal academia and CFA academia, especially with CFAI refusing to give a clear answer. and it’s hard to ask L2ers for an unibased answer especially during these 7 weeks. I say its tough now without knowing how I did but if I passed I’d be telling you L1 wasn’t that bad even tho i put in 350+ hrs

Fully agree, 2014 Mocks were a joke, but I had 2012 and 2013 and did them twice. Don’t feel they helped too much.

My average of all 4 mocks, 3 Schweser practices (1st doing) was 80%.

And I was afraid it would not be sufficient because on the exam I did some very stupid mistakes, which I did not do on the Mocks. Plus in the mocks I seldom had “WTF?” type of questions, it was usually clear what the question was aimed to.

I am wholeheartedly sincere when I say I cannot for the life of me understand how anyone was unclear with any one question on this exam. The wording was precise and not once did I have to do a double take to look for what they were asking.

maybe this chalks up to exam day nerves and not reading questions (every single word) thoroughly.

I also don’t remember one question that asked for least likely instead of most likely, anyone with me on this?


I think in the future I’m not going to grade my mocks. I’ll just use them to solves questions, but forget grading. They give away a false sense of security.

The highest score I got on a mock when I was taking level 1 was a 68% overall, did not feel that I passed after the exam, and I did pass. Greater than 70% in Ethics, FR&A, Equity, and Fixed Income. All other areas I was 50 to 70, with the exception of quant, in which I was under 50. Also keep in mind that if you really did well in equity it will help you a great deal at level 2, as the GGM, DDM, and FCF repeat quite a bit. I will say based on the scores you all are reporting on mocks, the mocks must be much easier than last year, as I don’t recall seeing any score over 75%. Hope this helps, and good luck to all of you.

Look: you probably passed then. You probably had done the right quantity/quality of studying, and/or you have that kind of smartness some others (me for instance) don’t.

When mentioning “WTF” questions I rather mean having the reaction like: “WTF? Is this a real question? I have never thought about this concept/term in this way. I know the concept you are asking but I cannot answer from this specific angle…”

I understand where you’re coming from Moosey. I don’t want you to get the wrong impression here, I think it is dangerous to compare oneself to another in academic endeavors. What is most important is understanding yourself and what you need to do to get thru. It’s so hard to come out of an exam like the CFA feeling confident. I can tell you I felt 50/50 post exam and honestly don’t understand how anyone taking it for the 1st time can feel so confident. I don’t think it’s about smarts or intelligence as much as preparedness. I put in 350 hours and if you ask anyone L3 or higher they will tell you that is overstudying. I think what can help with the WTF moments is getting your hands on as many questions as possible. I legit did 12-14 mock exams as well as every single Schweser/CFAI EOC question. I also kept track of my performance by section for every single mock exam I took. Eventually, you stop worrying when bits of information goes missing because you learn from past questions what to do, and you start learning concepts solely from reviewing answers because it helps drive relationships home. Don’t get too down just yet, we should all use this as a time for self reflection. After all we are all in the hot seat for the next 7 weeks.

I did 4 S mocks and 2 set of CFAI mocks. Scores gradually picked up from 63% to 85%. I found Schweser and CFAI mocks didn’t help much (I wouldn’t say “not at all”. They do add some value) in term of similarity or relevance. So I think the purpose of mocks is partly to get us physically/mentally prepared for long hour tests. There are a ton of stuffs covered accross the curriculum that they could test us; we never know.

Honestly last December I was working on AM questions with a shock; they were totally different from what I could imagine/expect. I even was not able to eat my lunch properly without thinking about these questions. Then in the afternoon I managed to pick up my mood and my performance significantly. But as walking out the test center, I was in a mixed feeling. Weeks after the exam, there was sometime I felt I would not pass, there was another time I had a strong believe of passing or sometime I suddenly woke up at night because of dreams about CFA stuffs. In the end, I got 9/10 subject over 70% (Econ 50-70%). During the time waiting for the result to be released, I decided to focus on work and re-connect with friends. Those kept me away from thinking about the exam. May be some of you here should leave AF for a couple of weeks ? It probably helps you to get back to normal mode more quickly. Good luck !

Thanks guys.

You’re right Lake House, I think we need to tear ourselves away from AF a bit and then let’s wait for the July end results email and take it from there.

@ Da_mad_tiki: apart fromSchweser and CFAI what mocks or prep tests did you use?

I took 2009-2014 CFAI Mocks and Schweser 2013-2014 Mock exams but also carried these around with me like they were my bible