Mock & Sample Exam

Anyone has any idea, if similar questions appear on the CFA test to that of Mock and Sample Exams?? If so around how many??

Thats too much of info to provide. Nobody knows I guess. However, general feedback has been that Mock exams do resemble the actual CFAI ones. not sure about samples. Someone else can butt in. But one thing, I gave one sample exam and hardly touched the calc. Its more conceptual.

yeah…totally agree…I used a calculator - 4-6 times !! I wish the questions are similar…will know in 3 days !!

Based on the posts on this site, the sample exams and mock exams are the closest you are going to get to the actual questions you will get on test day. Essentially, the sample questions and mock questions are the same. They are used to be called sample questions. It was only this year that they took some of the sample questions and repackaged it as mock questions. Many posts say that some questions are word for word the same as test day questions.