Mock Scores for MM CFAI and Schweser

Hi Everybody,

Exam coming up in 3 weeks. disclose current mock scores for MM/ Schweser/ CFAI etc and final straight approach

im scoring significantly higher on CFAI essays than schweser essays.

regardless of which essay you take, best to reach out to S2000 magician and use his grading service. I just dont trust myself grading my own essays

Here’s my scores so far for MM:

Mock 1 AM: 56%

Mock 1 PM: 74%

Mock 2 AM : 56%

Mock 2 PM : 72%

Mock 3 AM : 58%

Mock 3 PM : 70%

Mock 4 AM - will know tomorrow!

Mock 4 PM: 58%

I think the last mock (#4) was really difficult - a lot of curve balls and nitty-gritty stuff ! I’m kind of scared of grading the AM part tomorrow. Overall I think I’m in pretty good shape for the real thing.


ditch all the prep provider mocks and switch to the real thing at this point.

Are you guys thinking of doing BB and EOC before the exam? I’m starting to go through them again, not sure if I’m managing my time well, but I did plenty of mocks, still have 5 CFA am mocks , 2 Schweser and 2 MM that I’m targetting to do.

i would but there’s just one

Just did the first CFAI mock. Got 65%. It had very few straight-forward questions, but that’s just me.

Thanks for sharing these! I just took my first full MM mock exam and was pleasantly surprised by my AM score (I graded myself as harshly as possible), but a little disappointed by my PM score (I’ve been scoring 75% on CFAI Q-bank).

I plan to take the other 3 Meldrum Mock Exams, the past years’ CFAI AM exams, and the new CFAI Mock Exam over the next 2 weeks, and I’ll update with scores as I go:

Mock 1 AM: 58%

Mock 1 PM: 60%

Mock 2 AM: 59%

Mock 2 PM: 67%

CFA 2015 AM: 69%

CFA 2016 AM: 64%

CFA 2017 AM: 72%

CFA 2018 AM: 74%

CFA 2019 AM: 73%

CFA 2019 PM: 77%

Here are my scores for Schweser – AM/PM (took these early on)

Mock 1: 38% / 56%

Mock 2: 33% / 62%

Mock 3: 57% / 72%

Mock 4: 46% / 63%

Scores for MM – AM/PM (took each one over separate weekends in May):

Mock 1: 40% / 70%

Mock 2: 42% / 73%

Mock 3: 55% / 62%

Mock 4: 68% / 62%

Felt like I got a big boost after taking time to review GIPS and finally not getting less than 20% on those questions

Also the felt the online topic test questions helped a lot; still aiming for that 70%!