Mock scores from people who failed in December

I would like to know what type of mock exam scores people were getting back in November and December before they failed in December. This will give me and others a better idea of how we should expect to do come test day. Please list your band failure and average test score for CFAi and Schweser. Also, you may want to list your current mock exam scores and confidence level going into Saturday if you are retaking it.

I was averaging in the mid 60’s last November before the test. I went in worrying and I ended up failing in band 10. This time I’m averaging high 80’s/low 90’s on Schweser and mid-high 80’s on CFAi samples and mock. I feel MUCH more confident going into tomorrow not only because of my scores, but just my overall attitude feels much better this time around.

I failed in band 8 I was getting low 60s the week before the exam. I didn’t realize how unprepared I was until about a week before then it was too late. I knew I was doomed, but wished I just did a little more review at the end because I know I walked away from some easy points by not knowing basic definitions. If I would’ve been more confident I feel as if I could’ve pulled something out. If your borderline go over ethics, they give an “ethics adjustment” to borderline canidates that score well on ethics.

How would you guys compare the difficulty of the Schweser mock and CFAi mocks, vs. the actual test, respectively.

well my biggest score was 70 on the CFA sample ,but am gonna pass n, i didnt see my friends or any of my family for the last month ,my wife mainly handled every thing other than studying ,so the my effort + the effort of my wife means that i will pass …