Mock scores when you first started L2

I like to take a mock exam with zero prep whatsoever when given a new challenge, just to see where I stand and what my weak areas are.

I’ve faced a lot of exams where I came in behind the 8ball. Would like to hear from people who passed L2 (or are about to pass L2 because they’re trending over 70% on their mocks) where were your scores at when you first started studying?

When I did the mock last year it was around 4 weeks out. I got 60% on Schweser.

Plugged away eventually getting to around 70+ consistently a week before the exam. Passed first time.

For me, Topic tests and EOC are the key to passing level 2. Felt there was more than enough time on the exam.

1st mock with Finquiz: Terrible… 40%. Never managed to get 70+ on any full mock i attempted. Managed to get 70+ on only 1 AM session.

Topic tests and EOCs are key to pass L2 for me too. Used only 2 hours on actual AM and PM each. Passed first time.

56 % average (AM 48, PM 63) first Mock in mid April last year. Last Mock 5 days before exam 74:70. I still have progression records in Excel file.

EDIT: I checked once again.Lol!

Did the CFAI provide just one version of the AM and PM mock?

Use Schweser and any other Mock what you can get. Otherwise practicing always same Mock lead to biased results.

To answer OP’s question, “where were your scores when you first started studying?” I don’t take mock exams when I first start, because I don’t think it makes too much sense (only speaking for me), but if you guess randomly on the test your expected score will be 33%, so i’m guessing i’d be around 33%. :slight_smile: