Mock test formation

I know the CFAI gives one mock with registration, and Elan has one free mock ( 1 session though), when you guys are referring to multiple mock scores are all of you referring to the Schweser Mocks ( 5 6 mocks that come with)? Unfortunately, I didn’t buy the Schweser package, but my buddy has the Schweser Q-Bank (4200 Questions). I am thinking of making tests of 120 questions out of it and testing myself. Do you guys think that would be representative of a CFA mock, the Schweser random question bank? I don’t know what else to do with mocks? Can anyone give me some suggestions surrounding mocks

Elan sells 3 mocks exam, AM and PM sessions for all

Thanks Miss*Yiota…Do u know of any other sources? Or is it just Elan and Schweser.

If you are preparing for June, I don’t think you will have time to cover any other mocks other than these.

I dont have the Schweser, just the Elan, any other suggestion regarding sources of mocks would be appreciated.