Mock Tests

DId anyone take a complete Mock Test ? How did it go?

took the 2015 level 2 exam and got 121/120 correct

yesGood for you

oh no does that mean you failed the 2014 exam? :frowning:

I’m taking Monday off from work and am taking Schweser Mock Exam #1, Book 1. It’s still early in the game, but not too soon to see where I am in my studies. I’m shooting for ~65%. There’s still some chapters that I haven’t really spent much time on, so an item set on one or two of those and I’ll take a big hit. Anything below 60% and I’m concerned but there’s still around 9 weeks left before exam day.

Don’t stress too much at this point. I took my first practice test at the end of March last year (after studying since early November) and scored a 45%. I used it as fuel - I taped the results page up at work, my home office, and on the refrigerator. By the end I was scoring mid- to high-70s on the Schweser tests and scored a 72% on the 2013 Mock.

Today I scored Morning Mock from CFAI and got 33/60 or 55%.

I will print all the questions and try to do it again, hoping the best.

Took a Morning session Mock, scored a 60%… Not too upset giving the time remaining but my weakest area was ethics ekkkk

Great going Guys ,you all are doing good .Are these scores without peeking into the formula sheets or notes? I am still struggling to retain stuff. Need help :(((

In memorization mode now and struggling to retain all formulas and concepts