Mock timing issue...

Anyone else taking longer than the 3 hour limit for each half of the Schweser mocks? I sometimes take up to 4 hours… The problems are extremely calculation intensive at times… Anyone have tips on how to manage time better?

have you done cfai mock?

I find schweser practice problems (haven’t done the practice exams myself) to be more quantitative compared to cfai mock/Topic Tests.

Agree, although I finished in just 3 hours. 4 hours seems a bit too much to me. Have you tried to first read the questions and then the text passage?

I think reading the questions BEFORE reading the passages is incredibly important. it allows you to zero in on different concepts AS THEY show up. if you read everything before looking at the questions it can be information overload. especially with the TTs where there aer like 4 exibits each item set.

I do read the question before I go into the passage… I’ve noticed that my problem is knowing when to give up and just guess. I get moments where I feel like I know how to solve the problem, but get stuck in parts of it and become unsure if I picked the right answer. Basically, analysis paralysis…

I’m on the same boat - taking a bit longer to calculate the quantitative heavy answers.

How many mocks have you done? Based on what I’ve noticed from previous years of study, the more familiar you are with the formulas (mostly through repetition and conceptualizing), the faster/more confident you’ll be when answering questions. Be sure to mark the questions that are giving you a “hard time” - the ones taking longer to calculate. Go back when reviewing the answers and work through the problem 1-3x. Next time it shows up, you’ll definitely recall formulas a bit faster and run through the logic/calculations with confidence as you already know what they’re asking or the variations of questions that could arise from said concepts.