Mock vs. Schweser book 6 vs. Sample

Hi Guys, I just took my first Mock exam and it wasn’t the score i was expecting. My average score on sample exams are around 78% and i’ve been scoring 85+ on book 6 (book 6 seems very easy…more problem solving as opposed to conceptual, which i find alot easier). I scored 75% on the mock. I know there’s only 3 days left till the exam but do you guys think that i’m on track with this score. At least my strongest areas were FSA, Ethics, and Quant while i scored 50% on Corporate Finance.

i got 74% in mock 1 and took a smashing on corp finance too but i’m staying positive - you scored well in the most important areas so i’d say keep at it and you’ll be great on test day!

I had a similar situation. I was was averaging high 70’s on Book 6 and the samples and scored a 73% on the 1st Mock. Very dissappointing. I’ll be taking the 2nd mock tomorrow.