i just went on the CFA site. it looks like the mock exam is a pdf and we download it. this is different. it is lke an actual exam, not computer based.

Does it have a written section in addition to the m/c? That would make sense if it does.

no it is just the afternoon part. 10 item sets

is that the free one you r talking about? answer explanations come with it?

yeah it is the free one. it comes w/ answers and all. this is so much better than those computer based ones

Yes, sounds better. I am tempted to download it now - though not ready to take it =/

so much better. you can actually review it. the online ones were basically impossible to review. i am not taking it yet either… i will wait for 2 weeks then i am going to attack it…

i see. Thanks. did you solve Schweser Pro? I was wondering if they have actual space for us to write essay answers?? havent started yet!!

Actualy there is a difference between the “Mock” and “Sample” exams that we got for free with the registration… Mock: 3 hours (Level III) / Answers are provided at the end of the exam, with detailed discussions, LOS, and curriculum page references / Can print questions and Answers PDF and access multiple times Sample: 120 minutes / Answers are provided immediately after each question / One free exam with your registration; US$40 per additional exam / Can only access once and can’t print or copy