mocks and samples and schweser

hey all, i’m a level 2 candidate. for level 1, i thought that schweser exams were the hardest, mock exams were easier, and sample exams were much easier. also, i found the real exam to be most similar to the mock exam. im assuming most ppl here felt like this for level 1 too, so i am wondering–did you all find this to be the same case for level 2? thank you and good luck.

Schweser - Way too easy, not indicative of the actual exam at all. Useful for solidifying your knowledge of the material. (Didn’t take “Book 7” exams because they were just pointlessly detail oriented). Mock / Samples - Higher level of difficulty, although the questions are more precise. Very close to real thing in terms of style and difficulty in general (some samples / mocks were harder than others).

i got a 45 and 55 on 2 of the samples last year. true story. but yeah, i agree, mock was the closest to the real thing.

what makes schweser easier? i have seen ppl on the level 2 forums say that they are doing better on cfai exams than on schweser exams, so your advice is taking me by surprise…

Depends on your strenghts. Mocks will have a more conceptual bent to the questions while schweser will have more calcs. Also, schweser doesn’t try to replicate the real thing. They are trying to feet you to pass and their approach has you do more calcs to learn the underlying concepts. I think you’ll be fine, show.