Mocks Before Before the Exam?

So I’ve taken the Boston live mock a few weeks ago (60%), I’ve completed several schwesers (mostly 60%), and the CFAI mock, (50%). I’m in BCom Finance.

I’ve taken full days to correct the mocks, and learn from every question, and have summarized all the material into a 20 page study package for myself.

The question is, should I do the CFAI samples (haven’t bought them yet) or any more practice exams? It takes a lot of energy to do a 3h/6h session, and I definitely don’t want to be tired of doing exams 2 days before the exam, what would you recommend at this point to improve my chances?

I didn’t take the live Boston but I bought a mock from their local society and thought it was awful. Not sure if its the same one you took though. I think the CFAI samples are super expensive but I might try and do half a mock tomorrow or at least some practice questions. If you have nothing left, I would completely master your 20 page notes to really feel confident going into the exam. Good luck man

Have you done the past CFAI level 1 mock exams yet? (2009-2011) it helped me alot.

If havent yet, this topic will help you:

Read your 20 pages note tomorrow and make sure you wont forget it.

I’m fighting.

I just bought and did one of CFAI’s sample level one exams today. I think they are a little pricey but were pretty good practice. I’m going to do the second one at some point tomorrow just to see where I stand.

If you’re not going to do those sample exams I would just recommend doing the EOC questions for your weak areas otherwise just review your notes.