Mocks???How many?

I plan to do:

1)Schweser volume 1 and 2 ie schweser mocks

2)Finquiz mocks

3)2012-2015 CFAi mocks

Hope it will be enough…what do you guys think??

Sounds like enough to me. That’s my approach, too, with the exception of the Finquiz mocks. I think the 6 Schweser exams and 4 CFAI mocks is sufficient.

Im also doing 2009-11 mocks. Cant hurt.

I’ve never done a mock but I’m feeling like maybe I should this time. Where does one find all these old CFAI exams?

Past AM Exams from CFAI >>>>> Schweser Mocks > FinQuiz Mocks

^ +1.

Schweser mocks after their volume 1 becomes so monotonous. They start testing absurd things (there was a thread about Schweser Mock 4 last year this time around)

Lesser Schweser mocks, go further back on CFAI mocks. Atleast those topics which havent changed much.

When we are talking about CFAI mocks are you talking about the actual CFA mock exams or the past CFA AM exams? I only saw the CFAI 2015 mock on their website. Is there a place to download prior years?

Sorry I meant CFAI prior exam papers…