Mocks/Practice Questions?

I have done a couple Schweser Mocks, the CFAI Mock, and numerous questions from Schweser’s Q Bank.

Even with removing the ‘easy’ questions of the QBank, I’m averaging in the 80s, however I have yet to even get 70 on any of the mocks. I didn’t think the Q Bank for Level I could have been any better, however the Level II Q Bank is leaving much to be desired. So my question is, what do you guys do to get questions with more difficulty?

I have resorted to re-doing the end of chapter questions from Schweser in order to get more difficult ones, and will do the same with CFAI text. I am running out of Mock questions and, for whatever reason, I despise redoing questions, so I have been using the Q Bank to get access to more questions. I was just wondering what some of your guys’ experience has been, both rookie LII’ers and those that have sat already. Is the Q Bank not as bad as I think it is, or should I just redo questions from the mocks?

Me too facing almost the same problem; can’t move past 64% on mocks; though instead of doing Q Bank, i’m focusing on doing the mocks again