Mocks Practice

Are two weeks of mock practice (Schweser and CFA Mocks), enough for The CFA level 2? I fell behind in my schedule

no way, im doing 21 mocks.

Is it full time 2 weeks or only few hours of studying every day for 2 weeks?

4 hours, I have a full time Job, so I’m planning to do it at nights

what mocks are you doing? I want to do more mocks. So far I have 10 total (6 Schweser, 2 CFAI, 1 Schweser final, 1 boston). I’d like to get another 2-3 if possible. Thanks

ITF has 3 althought they’re only okay… Wiley has 2 but theres errors in them. Also Konvexity has 3 but people like them and some dont.

What are you scoring on schweser mocks? I have two books of them. My plan is to do the IFT ones first, review some, then do schweser, review some, then finally do the CFAI mocks the week before exam day because I am going to assume those will be the hardest. Sound like a decent strategy?

I’ve done all volume 1 so far (3 mocks). I got about 82% average on them. Lowest is 77% and highest is 85%. Schewser has a feature that lets you see how other sare doing… Looks like 55-60% average score.

That’s a similar strategy I’m doing.

Dude, have a beer and start thinking about Level III haha. But for real, those are exceptional scores. I ended up today with a 71.5 percent on my first mock taken (Average of AM and PM). It was an IFT mock but I don’t think I really recognized the similarities with CFAI. It’s a little lower than I would have liked but I think not having a job currently and 29 days to go, I am going to be fine.

Well, I feel like if I stop doing mocks I will lose it. Its hard to retain all this stuff… So I’m doing half a mock a day, sometimes 1 a day… until test time! I have some good mocks saved for the end :stuck_out_tongue: