How good are finquiz mocks for level 1 ? Not as a substitute to schweser but just planning to use if time permits. Do they represent exam like questions ?

I am using them and they are xtremely difficult especially compared to Schweser.They test obscure parts of the curriculum which are mostly ignored by people and I like them for that.I have solved both Schweser and finquiz mocks btw

Okay thanks… did you solve all the mocks already ?

Yes.Schweser and CFAI mock are somewhat comparable .Finquiz is not exam like but helps you get a grip on the mostly ignored parts and gives you another perspective.I highly recommend you do the CFAI mock as it’s made by the same people who make the exam

Sure. I am aware of the topic tests and one mock available on their site. Do you have any additional mocks with you ? Or are you talking about just these…

Do you have schweiser qbank level 1?

I also solved the past CFAI Mocks from 2009-2015

The online mocks and topic exams, are there a few papers? I find that after doing a topic, u can redo it. Wondering if it’s a different set of questions and if so how many are there?

Where did you get so many past CFAI mocks?