Any review value to these things at all?

very little. unless you somehow, someway, got screenprints.

no clue, as I have not taken one yet…I have so far taken, 2006 Exam, CFAI Sample 1, B6 E1 and 25% B6 E2 My findings: 2006 Exam: very well written and straight forward on most parts ( would love a test like this as it was much easier than 2007 June exam) B6: so far cases seem to be way longer than what you would see on reall test but great for reviewing concepts… CFAI Sample 1: Too easy, waste of time… I also plan on doing BSAS exam (under exam conditions on wed.) and finish B6, If I have time I will hit one of the mocks, but at this poing that is looking pretty unlikely…

where do you guys get the bsas exams? do you have to be a member? do you pay for them online?

The mock is tough in my opinion, and I would imagine a decent indicator of the difficulty of the real exam. I think it’s crap that you can’t review your answers properly. The forum helps because you can double check your answers with the opinions of the other candidates. I think CFASF hit it on the head with his opinion. Hey N Van C. How much easier in your opinion was the Sample 1 vs the real thing in 07. No comparison in difficulty? On a scale of 1 to 10 a 3?

GMofDen, I would say about a 4-5 …I think last year you had either really easy cases or very tough ones…for example FSA and Equity were very fair while Deriv, PM, and FI were tough…

Thanks. I failed the mock so got some work to do in the next few days.

GM. yours had time series in it, yes? people seem to think the institute switched the tests around. i don’t think so. but i’m surprised at how many different opinions there are on which was harder. 1 or 2. guess it’s irrelevant… but just surprised on the difference of reactions to the test. usually there is a clear consensus on stuff like this.

Yeah it had time series and surprisingly I did okay in that area. Fixed income 33%, and my Equity was 33%. Still pissed at some of those answers, like the stupid hospital one. Usually I do okay at those. I see that people think they differ but no idea why they’d (cfai) would want to do that.

got smoked in fi as well. but i did ok on that equity section. but that stuff is very hit or miss for me. i can go 6/6 on this one and get 1/6 on other stuff. i’m just not 100% about that stuff.

That’s my story across the entire curriculum. I can score good constantly and then be surprised with a 1/6 the next day. 'That’s why this L2 exam will never make me as confident as I was for L1 last year. I just knew I had that one in my pocket.