Ok, so I know there’s been a lot of talk about these, but I need some advice. I’m unsure as to whether or not I should pay the $100 for the mock exams or not. I did the sample exams yesterday and today and here were my scores: S1 - 70 S2 - 46 S3 - 56 Needless to say I’m not thrilled. However, I know everyone says the last two were rather hard, and I got at least two questions wrong because of silly mistakes. I also HATE taking tests on my laptop like this and I’m pretty sure I lost a couple of points just because I was rather ticked off by the end of the test and wanted to finish. I can conclude from these that I need improvement in everything except Ethics and Equity, so I’m not really sure its worth another blow to my confidence to take the mocks just find out where I need to improve (pretty much everywhere). Are you really learning anything by taking these? I’m thinking I’ll do Q-bank (because you can print them!) and review tonight, then take the 2006 exam questions tomorrow. Not sure what I will do after that but I’d like to see what everyone’s opinion is…

Just pay it. It sucks, but its going to be the best practice questions you can get. T/G

Yep, hate to say it, but it’s true.

Is $100 really an issue at this point? It sure would suck to fail because you were too cheap to pay for an official practice exam. They are extremely useful.

Its not really the money, its more of whether or not I’m going to waste 6 hours when there’s not much time left… I don’t expect to do well on them because I don’t do well with these computer tests (or any of these practice tests, really). Just helps me a lot to be able to write/underline on the paper and to flip around between questions instead of having to answer immediately, which is why I’m thinking I’ll take the 2006 first.

I’d buy them, if only to get some insight into what they might ask, and how they might ask it… Word of advise though…my sample results weren’t much better than yours (silly mistakes and rushing included), and my Mock 1 score followed suit. Don’t let it shake your confidence, just use it to learn where you need to focus these last 3 days. Mock 2 comes tonight for me…hoping for an improvement myself.

No brainer, they are as close as it gets. And if you’re lucky, who knows, maybe you’ll encounter a very similiar vignette on Saturday…

in my opinion the mocks are worth every cent. forget about Q-bank until you do BOTH mocks

Aimee, I’d recommend taking the '06 exam before you pay $100 for the Mock exams. Partly because there’s a better description of the answers (assuming you have schweser), and also because it’s easier to do it on paper rather than the online format where you can’t skip a question and go back to it. After finishing '06, if you have time then I’d recommend the mocks.