I’m a late finisher - just completed the CFAI books last night (including EOC Qs). Now I need to practice questions for the next few days (no other commitments this week).

I have two books of Schweser exams, and a single afternoon mock from CFAI.

Where can I get mocks of the morning essay portion, which concerns me more?


on the CFAI site.

Thanks - but the CFAI site offers only a multiple choice pm mock (for free).

I see there are also samples you can pay for, but I’m unclear whether these are proper papers, and whether in the am essay format or not (presumably not, if they’re marked online automatically).

I’m looking for official (past papers or mocks) am essay style papers…

they are on there

do a search

I have looked - they’re not there - just the samples you can pay for and the single 3hr pm mock.

You can do it! Use those critical thinking skills to solve this problem!

Why make this poor guy suffer, none of us have time to be digging all day.

In 5 seconds, punching in ‘CFA essay questions’ into Google, the third item took me to the page that has the past 3 CFA AM essay exam questions/answers.