model portfolio

is there a website where I can create my model portfolio and track its performance ?

also, need some insights into creation of model portfolio.

Here are some model portfolios:

Thanks for that jmh.

Why does Amanda hate me??

google/yahoo finance… you can create a portfolio

someone really ought to tell some of these girls that they would likely be better off pursuing other forms of employment (see Anni, Celeste and Corinna, just to name a few).

iShares has a good tool and Morningstar’s portfolio tool is pretty good too.

I use excel…but hv live data feed into it though.

Tracks everything and a lot more customisable than anything else i have seen.

Google Finance has been good for both stock and mutual fund fake portfolios for me. Dividends and stock splits can get jacked up sometimes, so proceed with caution if that is a big part of what you’re looking to do.