modelling - m&a

i m due to join one of the top 5 banks in london in their m&a team…as an associate in a few months time… i hv no prior m&a experience…just audit experience… under these circumstances would it be best for me to do a modelling course…also which one would people recommend? wall street prep or deal maven? also should i spend time doing a modelling course, or is there anything else i could do that would be helpful when i join…as i m free for a few months… thankss

arent they going to make you go through a month-long training session? that shoudl teach you all the finance and modelling skills required to be an associate in Inv. banking… if you dont mind me asking, how did you make the transition from accounting to banking?

They should put you through a several week training program and they will definitely focus on modeling (at least at the analyst level they do). I would just make sure that you are comfortable with excel. Other than that; relax and enjoy your time until you start.

the formal associate training starts around august time…I will probably be going on that but i would be joining around feb/march…therefore thought it mite be useful to know a little bit abt modelling… or would u guys recommend doing nothing? bm - made the transition thru a contact - its generally quite hard to make the transition but the earlier u do it, more chances u hv… also from spking to friends in the US…its easier to make the transition in london…

I can vouch for WSP as I just purchased it. So far so good, it appears to be a comprehensive program and guides you through each and every step in detail. I like the fact you can become WSP certified. Though it may not hold a ton of weight, the certification will show your aptitude in the program. You can receive 15% off the purchase price with a referral code. Mine is REF7524 if you need it.

thanks son and bm for ure tips… bm…just wondering on the excel stuff… wat exactly is it? plz email me on thanks man…appreciate it!

Well I hope to be following in your footsteps. I signed with big 4 for audit but I had many many i-banking interviews, no final offers lol… But all of the associates I met said they had done wall street prep and I bought it and put it on my resume, it seemed to help… I even had a 45 minute interview on shit from the first book, one even asked me what the blue coloured fields meant…anyhow, did you feel they valued your background or were condescending towards CA or whatever designation it is you have… When i was doing the i-banking interviews I had previous experience in audit and only 2-3 of the banks that interviewed me asked why i wasnt going to get CA then come into ibanking, the others i think didnt even care for it…what is your perspective?

hi bm, woudl appreciate your excel templates Thanks! btw, what kind of consulting do you? strat? mgmt?

Is there any website that offer free financial modeling instructions? Something similar to Wall Street Prep that doesn’t cost $500.