Modelling Test

No, not to check if you are an ambi-turner… I’m heading overseas to work & my recruiters have mentioned a few times that I might need to pass a “modelling test” in Excel before I receive a job offer. Anyone taken one and knows what to expect? I’m a bit concerned as I’m (a) a property financial analyst so our models are quite simple and (b) entirely self taught.

Are you heading overseas to work or search for a job? If to work, how did you pass the interview then? You can have a look at for basic financial models or get either Benninga or Sengupta.

Basically you will be given an annual report of a listed company, a laptop with MS Excel and two hours or so and you are expected to build a functioning model that links Income Statement/Balance Sheet/Cash Flow Statement together and a few years of projections based on simple assumptions and drivers.

Zuran - thanks - I can do that! Whew. Thanks heaps. Joe - to search for a job/do the antipodean OE stint (& so, presumably, “work”). I’ve just tapped my Aussie contacts for their foreign recruitment counterparts and done phone interviews… nothing too unusual.

Okay, hope you are not going to China:)