Can we please establish moderators again in this forum? We’re running a little light on mods these days and the level of trolling has become a PITA. I honestly don’t care who it is as long as it’s someone who’s willing to keep some semblance of order.

Are you volunteering?

I’m open to it, but I also had a bit of a bumpy road as mod last time so I’m not sure the forum as a whole is on board with that. But if everyone was on board I’d be fine with doing some moderating. STL or Ohai may also be good choices.

That makes sense. Let me know if there is someone else who is interest and who the Water Cooler can support.

*Looks up to see who BS suggested…is saddened.*

It’s time, Chad. Release me. Release the kraken.

Seriously though. You need someone to mod the WC. No one else is and I believe my resume speaks for itself. The WC is dying. Let’s fix it.

stl has my vote

What is STL’s campaign plan exactly? Would love to see an outline and his tax returns.

I support the candidate that keeps the big eraser in his pocket. To me mods are like referees, the less you hear about them the better.

We need STL.

Ask and ye shall receive.

Any advice?

Yep. He’s not the mod we deserve, but the one we need right now.

Granted, I think the WC is suffering the loss of Bchad greatly, but it is also in dire need of repair. Most of the good posters are gone, and replaced with blubbering basement-dwelling idiots. We need to get rid of most of them. Either contribute in a positive way or GTFO.


And this is how I plan to approach it. I really don’t want to ban anyone. However, the spam will stop.

That also means not validating stupid threads by creating clever clones of them…Greenie…

Tho…I do find some of those funny so who knows?

Get rid of Charlie Work.