modified Dietz

Are we responsible for the calculation? Schweser tells that we are not, but has questions in Q-bank asking to calculate modified Dietz for portfolio

we are responsible for EVERYTHING in CFAI books

nope…disagree with you…some things are OPTIONAL. i just looked up LOS and it does not say calculate modified Dietz…hate when specifications are unclear…as everything on L3 curriculum :((((((

is mod dietz same as mwr?

no chi, mwr is like irr

so we may have to do an IRR calc on the exam though i think its more likely its one of those 2 part statement questions if it shows up

Remember, MWR/IRR tells the return on the Total value of the portfolio, whereas TWR gives the return on a Single unit of currency

^ yep could see them putting that in reverse in a statement and asking if its correct or not.