Mods are a bunch of prudes. Why can't I "hook up" in the Hook Up forum?

Wai? You’d want to look up the definition for “hook up”.

I find it hard to imagine any one would be interested in spending time with you at all, let alone hooking up with you. Would the study session involve you just asking irrelevant questions?

The Hook Up forum is for finding study partners, not dates. Read the subtitle.

Stop acting like a jerk.

I made it very clear that I was looking for a female study partner.

You made it very clear that you were looking for a female sex partner.

Don’t play innocent; it’s transparent and unbecoming.

You’re assumption is the antipodes of Western justice system.

I have a social phobia of studying with other male, which causes me to stutter and shake uncontrollably.Hence why I am only seeking female study partner. I offered accomodation because I have a spare bedroom, which I thought might facilitate learning efficacy.

By not allowing to seek a study partner, you are destroying a total surplus that would have been created from such partnership. It is a loss to the society.

just ban hm already Bill

Says someone who only post crap in WC.

Stop being coy; it’s childish.