Mods ban atush

This insecure whackjob thinks its funny to laugh at people in this paricular thread:

this reminded me of how rahul thought it was ok to rape women who wore certain clothes or other stupid comments these indians have made.He is adding no real value besides asking stupud questions and taking his anger at some refugee deadbeats.TBH no indian that I know of has ever done anything positive here other than pollute the WC with their curry stinking breath.I find it very insulting that a man can think the the link in the above thread is amusing.Ban me if you want but I will take this shithead out of this forum

While atush does come across as cold and indifferent, and not in an admirable way, you unfortunately are the one who overreacted in that thread, Gabe.

Is everyone on this forum suddenly 12??? Why do I have to explain this crap to people??

Yea id prefer not to see a β€œcan we ban _________” every day.


You bump your own ban thread - you want to be banned?


^ The requested page β€œ/forums/careers/91344022” could not be found.

Why did Atush get banned ?