What is my reward for a thourough reading of SS 6 in the curriculum, a topic with a 0% weight? Finding the parenthetical shout-out to’s favorite theorist, Nicholas Molodovsky. Vol 3, p 99.

Doesn’t the molodovsky effect have something to do with wave-like return distributions.

The Molodovsky effect is when cyclical companies have high P/Es near cyclical troughs, since they are trading on depressed earnings.

i may have to go reread that section. just because.

It’s half a page long - well worth it, SF. Molodovsky didn’t even make the index this year.

Molodovsky effect is the most talked about CFA concept on AF.

did you know that the institute has an award for the man??? amazing. i’m nominating you for this year’s award, ilvino. Nicholas Molodovsky Award This award is presented periodically only to those individuals who have made outstanding contributions of such significance as to change the direction of the profession and to raise it to higher standards of accomplishment. It was established to honor Nicholas Molodovsky, one of the profession’s outstanding scholars and the first recipient of the award. Recipients include: Award Recipient Year Robert B. Litterman 2008 Eugene F. Fama 2006 Jeremy J. Siegel 2005 Robert C. Merton 2003 See more winners

Maybe if I achieve the first ever 100% on a CFA examination I’ll be given the Molodovsky Prize.

If you get a 100% then you are buying ME beers in Naples. Molodovsky.

My parents named me after this brilliant person…

I’ll name my kids after famous people. Galileo, Amelia and Santa.

If I fail this exam I will storm the CFAI headquarters backed with a legion of Molodovsky cocktails.

molodovsky. FCK!!!