Moment of crisis

Hey all, I know that I’m not the only individual out there who’s gone through this, especially for those of us who are adjacent to, but not working directly in an investment analysis (i.e. research, s&t, IB, etc.) role so I thought I would put it up for discussion. Basically, I’m at a crossroads here with this exam. It’s 5 days till the big day and I’ll be writing LII, and its taken alot of effort to get here (here being a 50/50 chance of passing, because unless you are smokin the practice exams, that’s the best guess of success) and I don’t want to end up throwing it all out, but I’m really wondering if this is really all worth it. At this point, I’m not trying to get in to one of these types or roles and the prospect of spending another year (if successfull on the 7th!) at this is starting to look pointless. Part of the problem, as I see it, is that there seems to be a lot of pressure in the industry, especially here in Toronto, to get the charter, even if you don’t really need it. And let’s face it, most of this material is completely irrelevant if you’re not applying it daily. In fact, I would say that even if you are directly applying some of it, the material covers so much other stuff that would really be tertiary to the work at hand. And in my particular situation, it’s not like the CFA is going to influence my future all that much (or so I think) as I already have an MBA from a top Canadian B-School and enough really good experience for what I want to do outside of those aforementioned roles. So if anyone’s been through this, I would like to hear your thoughts and also what decision you ended up making and why. Thanks

ask that question later… for now just pass it. this is not the time to second guess you choices… you have plenty of time after, and after you get your results on the coin toss.

Agree with xck2000… You’ve come this far…take the test…its only 6 more days!

Dude, you’re getting cold feet about the exam b/c you’re not nailing 90% marks on your practice tests. Everyone gets it, some a week before, some this coming Friday night. It’s likely an amplification of your frustrations at minor things like forgetting a negative sign here, or thinking you forgot how to do a basic PV calc there. When you have these moments of self-doubt this week, take a walk, let it pass for 5-10 minutes, then remind yourself that you won’t let the occasional stupid practice question f@ck up the last 2 years of your time. Focus on fighting for every point on exam day, and make your decision whether to write L3 AFTER you’ve had a week to decompress (but before results in August). Don’t try to pre-emptively create excuses (lack of motivation/necessity) for why you didn’t pass this year. Trust me, this Sunday will be way sweeter when you know you didn’t hold anything back during your final prep.

This is no time to get philosphical man…would Hillary! quit?

haha - “Hillary!” - love the gratuitous exclamation mark.

Thanks all… this stupid exam has a way of really toying with your head and I just got caught up in it, I guess. I’ll be writing it on Saturday with all I’ve got!

Sounds like you are fed up with studying…and that is a good sign because if you have not been studying hard, you would not feel that way. I am sure you cannot wait to get it over with this Saturday. I think you will be fine. Good luck. Just one thing…don’t call it stupid until you get it all.

xck2000 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > ask that question later… for now just pass it. > this is not the time to second guess you > choices… you have plenty of time after, and > after you get your results on the coin toss. agreed, you’ve invested too much time and effort at this point to walk away. The time to ask this question is if you get your results and fail.