My question is, has anyone passed cfa level 2 with a baby at home ? If so, how did you manage and how many months did it take without much help at home?

Not a baby, but three children: 15, 13, 11.

My wife was a tremendous help; I told her that for three years I wouldn’t exist between January and May, and she held down the fort.

It’s certainly possible, but you need a lot of support from your spouse.

I am attempting level 2 with a newborn in the house this year. The coffee flows like water in my house. My wife understands the time commitment necessarry to get through this thing. Those first six weeks were brutal. Studying on little to no sleep. I had to start capping my study sessions at an hour.

I passed L2 last year with a baby born in late January. The guilt of leaving your baby to study is the hardest thing but I kept telling myself that I needed to pass or else it wouldve been for nothing. Didnt really get serious about studying until March. I was wayyy behind all the way through May but focused on practice exams and put in serious study hours that month. The number one thing you need is a solid support structure at home. If you’re married your husband needs to step up big time, if not hopefully you live close to your parents and they can contribute. Otherwise you need to do all your studying during the baby’s naps which doesnt leave much time for you’re own sleep. Good luck, its doable.

I’m leaving work for 3 weeks and moving back in with my mom so I dont have to bother with cooking. I’m the opposite spectrum…haahah