Monetary Assets/Liabilities

Just like to clarify this.

Monetary Assets: Cash, receivables, marketable securities

Monetary Liabilities: Payables, long term debt, short term debt/notes

What others commonly items that we come across? How about in cases where it state current liabilities. Is this considered as monetary?

I think thats it but they could stick anything on the balance sheet. I think I saw Bank Loans on a mock question. It may be easier to identify the Non-Monetary Assets on the BS (Inventory & PP&E) and corresponding IS items (COGS & Depreciation).

I dont think CFAI will try to trick us with monetary/nonmonetary stuff. so dont be too concerned. but think of it this way. a non monetary asset’s value is dependent on economic conditions - hence does not have a fixed exchange value into cash. so land, plant, equipment.

cash/sti, AR have a fixed amount of dollars associated with them. but inventory, plant, equipment have a cash value determined by economic conditions.

as Jmachine said, it’s probably easier to identify nonmonetary first.

Yes it can get tricky. For example, unearned (deferred) revenue is a nonmonetary liability, so you use the historical rate with it…why, though, I’m not sure.