Money Managers in Charlottesville, VA

Does anyone know what Charlottesville is like in terms of equity analysis/money management jobs? I know that Chase Investment Counsel is based there, and given that the CFA Institute is headquartered there I figured there would be others. Thanks for your help.

when I hear Charlottesville, all I think of is “Good night John Boy”. Wish I had something constructive to add though.

It’s hardly an ER or AM hotbed. One option is to live halfway between C’ville and Richmond, where there would be more opportunities.

Using Google I quickly found this:!QURcQ01hY0N1bGxvY2g6Y2l0Y286cWwAzYqdfttyocviKJ8Frw== Looks like its run by a charterholder. small shop though. Google is your friend

The jobs part of the Daily Progress ( has positions listed with Northwestern Mutual Financial Network and Edward Jones – though it looks like broker slots.

Thanks for the feedback. So I guess Richmond would have a higher concentration of those types of jobs? If you know of any firms in Richmond, please let me know…

CHarlottesville is tough. I tried to look there about a year and a half ago. There is a firm that manages endowments. I forget the name but it was founded by the woman who used to manage UVa’s endowment. There is also a financial data services company that is kind of like a Factset/media service. I also spoke to a headhunter named Robin Mack (I believe), who is a former NYer who moved to Charlottesville. Other ideas - Lexus Nexus, State Farm, and Crutchfield electronics are there. Sorry I am not much help about names of firms. You are better off looking in Richmond.