Guys, I feel really bad for asking this (I don’t know if I’m violating forum etiquette for this), but I still haven’t heard from my main job prospect so I’m starting to worry a little. After 3 months of interviewing different people in the firm, all the way up to the partner, I still haven’t signed an official contract. I’m starting to seriously worry since everyday I spend waiting, the economic situation further degrades. My question is the following: Are there any CFA, or CFA candidates in Montreal that are working for a firm who’s looking to hire entry level candidates or interns? I know this is a long shot, especially considering the economic climate, but if there are any, would you be so kind as to respond so that I can send you a copy of my resume? Thanks you in advance for those who’ll answer, and sorry if I violated any forum conduct or anything… J.

I’m in Montreal and passed all 3 levels of the CFA program. I’m also still looking.

Former Trader, Are you going to the CFA candidate cocktail on Jan 7th? If so, It would be fun to meet someone from the forum in person. J.

Working in ER in Montreal … Nothing new to you, but the market is way off and nothing good in sight - I got the knowledge to tell you that

J. Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Former Trader, > Are you going to the CFA candidate cocktail on Jan > 7th? > > If so, It would be fun to meet someone from the > forum in person. > > J. I went to the event on December 4th organized for those who passed all 3 levels. Most of the people I met were people looking for a job or a better job. I believe the event on Jan 7th is only for candidates.

I’m in Mtl and work in mid-market infrastructure transactions. Tough environment now, especially on the banking side but if you are in infrastructure advisory/consulting, I hear they are still hiring (given gov’t’s commitment to increase spending in that area to kick start the recovery). What’s your background? The market is quite competitive right now given the oversupply of bankers out of job… in Industrial engineering from Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal Specialization in Technological innovations (R&D project management) CFA level 2 Candidate June 2009 About 2 years of work experience, mainly related to Industrial engineering. My main Job prospect is for the R&D Fiscal credit department in one of the big 4 in Mtl. However, the hiring process has proven lengthy, and with the economic uncertainty I wanna make sure I haven’t waited 3 months for nothing… If you’re interested in my profile, I’ll happily send you a copy of my resume. Hell, in this market, I’ll even consider working for minimum wage :wink: J.

You can email me at

C’est vraiment la mode du monde de la Poly de faire les examens CFA non?? T’es pas le premier que je vois faire ça

Hi all, where would i find into on coctail for CFA candidates? Thanks.


@ Challenger You should receive it by email. It’s hosted by CFA Montreal. You can also find the relevant information on their website at: @Alayle Je ne sais pas, je dois t’avouer que je ne connais qu’un autre ingénieur qui a entrepris le programme de CFA. Ce que je sais, c’est que pour un ingénieur une seconde formation en finance est plus qu’intéressante puisque nous sommes constamment amenés à justifier/vendre certains projets qui requierent des investissements parfois considérables. Personnellement, c’est ma passion pour la finance qui m’a poussé a entreprendre le programme. @martinwong55 PM sent, Thank you very much! J.