Anybody here taking courses online from places like coursera etc…? Where are you on adding those certificates to linked in? Resume?

I occasionally do it but would never use the certificates on resume or linkedin. The people I’ve met who do that strike me as the kind of crowd I do not wish to be part of








…Said the hashtag.


Coursera sounds good. I’m undertaking Finance courses from Bluebook Academy as well. Already done with a few of them & hoping to get a certificate soon.

If you don’t see how this is a stupid question you’ve got a long way to go.

I’d recommend setting down the books and picking up some soft skills.

Did my post say anything about me personally posting these certificates on resume/LinkedIn? No. Don’t jump into conclusions. Appreciate the soft skill advice. Not that I lack any, on the contrary. That is something everybody needs to continually work on. But let me give you one too. Get out of analyst forum and experience the real world it’s not all black and white.

The reason why I was asking its because I recently got in touch with a person on linkdin who had these on his linkd in profile. Personlly I dont. Not on resume nor on linkdin.

As as for the stupid question. This is the water cooler. You really drew your line with my post? :slight_smile:

I think it depends on how much experience you bring to the table.

If you’ve accomplished a lot in your career, I wouldn’t put the MOOC on. The bar is pretty low. A lot of people can sign up for a MOOC and pass. So in that case, when you have a lot going for you, your resume real estate just doesn’t have room for a MOOC.

The other thing you need to balance is how unique / difficult the MOOC is, and how well understood that difficulty is by other people. If you’ve taken Machine Learning, or Algorithms on Coursera… those are certainly nice to put on your LinkedIn. If you’ve taken Intro to Coprorate Finance… that’s probably not something I’d put up there.