more and more i read here, the more i know i failed, ahahah

anybody in the same boat?

count me in

count me in

^ moi

jumping in the bandwagon

me too

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please give me a vip seat…

i have no clue of why it seems that i have fallen for every single trap =.=

…coz u r a chong …haha jk

man, this is why I can’t read any of those threads discussing actual exam questions… a) why torture yourself when there is nothing you can do about it and b) who cares if you fell for a whole bunch of traps? All that matters is getting > or = MPS…

count me in. this is just gay.

I don’t remember seeing so much exam discussion back in level 1 and 2 forum.

my self-doubt did grow more and more after the previous 2 exams, but not as fast as this level…

this is going to be a LONG 2.5 months.

I’m somewhat more confident that I will be passing. All the discussions here are exactly what I expected on the actual exam. I still can’t believe I threw away 13.3% of the AM or 6-7% of the entire test changing answers at the last second to stupid incorrect ones. I should barely squeak by with a 72-68.5% overall grade. Otherwise, I would have comfortably passed with 78-75%.

I think you are seeing so much discussion particularly of the AM just b/c there was “only” a few questions so its easy to focus in on and discuss. I think its just a function of the structure of the exam. Torture it is though but I have to admit that this forum has made provided some ease to my post exam mindset. And that is simply because I am finding that a lot of people feel the same way I do. AM was short of a disaster topped off w/ a decent PM showing.

This forum makes me feel better. Keep in mind:

  1. AF members are above average test takers

  2. The forum tends to discuss the more difficult questions

3)The marginal pass rate is <65%

4)People in the forum, more than on level 1 and 2, do not agree with each other’s answers even after looking on-line and in the curriculum. This makes these questions more likely to be thrown out but at the very least it shows that they are difficult which could lead to a lower marginal pass rate afterall the exam is graded on a curve.

ahha, tell me about it!

I already automatically applied a 15% discount to every open ended AM question that is non-quant.

In a way, it’s better to have quant questions in the AM, because you couldn’t have “missed an explanation” if the question is to calculate X.

the counter argument is that you dont have a 33% chance of guessing correctly

may i ask…where the hell is cpk???

I seem to remember cpk bailing on the forum for quite a while after he sat for L2 back in 2010.

Frankly I think he is doing the right thing, considering how unnerving all this talk of the exam has been.

hehe thats wise

I wouldn’t be too sure that you failed. There may have been subtleties in the questions posed that caused you to answer the way you did. The memory is tricky.