More College Racism

Cliff Notes Version: Black frat at VT suspended 10 years for abusing pledges.

Frats that have mostly white kids (I assume there are no frats that are officially whites only) get away with this stuff all the time. Why does a black frat get singled out and suspended?

How stupid do you have to be to willingly let another man or men beat you?

Fraternities get banned from campus all the time. It is just not newsworthy because… well, it happens all the time.

While the accusations are disgusting and worthy of a serious punishment I agree white frats tend get away with lesser punishment for similar offenses.

+1 greek system is pretty silly in general though. There are always those few who take it wayyyyy too seriously

I’m fairly certain Higgs was being facetious. This was unusually bad.

I agree, but I am all for throwing frats/sororities off campus for a lot less than this. They dont add much value.

Even if its not physical abuse, the sororities do a good job of breaking a girls self estime so she can develop a nice eating disorder

Some white (or non race themed) fraternities get away with worse. Others get away with less. There is a distribution. The fraternity in this article probably was new to the school - they only had six pledges. Usually, new organizations have a more tentative agreement with the school. Anyway, they beat someone until he had to go to the hospital. That’s pretty serious to me, and it might even justify criminal charges.

Certainly should justify criminal charges. When these bans go in place dont many of the frats still operate at the school anyway? They did at mine at least they just went “underground”

Are there colleges in US completely frat-free? Just curious

Why do you care? Each to their own. Always amazed by the vicseral reaction. Don’t like them, don’t participate. I didn’t. Sport took my time. I assure you Greeks don’t spend two minutes thinking about GDIs, yet the frat boys live rent free in Yayyywork’s head.

Princeton has no official fraternities or sororities, but there are several of each that are “underground”. The university does recognize the drinking eating clubs though, which largely serve the same purpose as the greek systems at other universities.

I’m sure there are and there are plenty with a very low percentage of the overall undergrad population. If you decided to go to Ohio, you know you’re going to go greek. You go to UC Santa Barbara, you’ll surf.

Millions of students would disagree with you.

I was vice president of a fraternity while in college. Social organizations are important part of college experience if you ask me. We had more community service events per year than parties. Plus, it is good to be part of a multi year community in college. People are more motivated to contribute to the group, by building things, starting annual events, keeping in touch with alumni, etc.

I am going to my fraternity friend’s wedding this weekend. It is easier to stay in touch with more people if they are all part of a group. Also, some of my buddies are very successful and maybe I can leech from them at some point. Other organizations can fulfill these purposes as well, but fraternities are still a good option.

notre dame is one i know of.

Higgmond is by far the best here at typing cliffnotes. Short and to the point.

Mafia/1% MC/secret society initiation or hacksaw