More than 20% of millennials claim to have no friends

“More than 20% of millennials surveyed in a YouGov poll released this week claimed that they don’t have a single friend. And less than a third of millennials said they have double-digit friends, according to the data, culled online in early July.”

“Curiously, in addition to 22% of millennials saying they’re friendless, 25% in the age group said they also had zero acquaintances — possibly reflecting a misunderstanding of the question. (Unless they don’t work or go outside…)”

Good thing everyone on AF is rich in friends, and also 6’ 4", bench presses 400 lbs, and makes a mean chapati in a pinch.

I wish I had no friends in life. Then I could be left to my own devices, and get some peace and quiet on a weekend. I can’t remember the last time I haven’t had some degenerate passed out drunk over the weekend in my guest bed or couch. Seems like it’s ALWAYS “turrrrn upppp”.


I’m sure y’all will have a hard time believing this but I don’t have a ton of friends in real life, only a few. Lots of acquaintances though, mostly people who want something.

The current President (God bless) is your friend amirite6?

Aren’t you Gen Z?

Papers please.

That is correct. He’s also a friend to all Americans so I don’t know what these millennials who say they have no friends are talking about.

Possibly the most relatable President in the past 20 years, if not ever.

its good to have many acquiantances, but you dont really need much friends.

the ideal number in a car is 4 people, with rotations for dd, you are covered for a month.

sometimes you need to have a person to tag, like a special guest when a person drops out.

anyways if you look at my contacts, i have a ton of female contacts and very few male contacts. and none of those females are my friend. it’s like 3 chicks for every 1 dude. for 1 club i go to, i have 19 female contacts. and i frequent like 5 clubs. and i have 35 contacts just for basketball alone. those are all dudes id consider acquiatances. of course its important to note that majority of those chicks also ghosted or blocekd me. so they are dead numbers.

but anyways, some of the chicks on my snapchat are so fire. this 1 chick posted a pic of herself in a club with those criss cross dress pressed on her tits. i wanted to dm so baddddddd. anyawys i ended up sntiching on myself to fiance so she would regulate me.

And runs a sub-18 minute 5k. You forgot that part.

You wot mate?

and didn’t find the CFA program hard at all.

Such a beta move.

  • has banged a _ ton _ of hot chicks. I have never met a dude who would have admitted that he has never banged a hot girl.

haha actually. im just really comfortable with fiance. i can be my creepy self. she knows when i think anotehr chick is hot. part of our dirty talk. we literally watch my snapchat hoes together. and sometimes we watch porno as welll.